Why Pay more

Up To 40 Channels With No Monthly Bill

Unlike “rabbit ears”, our antennas provide a strong signal to any TV connected in the house. Whether you’re watching TV in the basement, or upstairs in the family room, you can get popular channels without a monthly bill or surprise charges. No more repositioning those rabbit ears or moving them closer to the window. Just sit back and enjoy the show.

Local Channels

Get local broadcast channels that may not be available on your cable or satellite service.

Save Money

Save data on your internet service to avoid going over your data limit or overage charges. 

Warranty Included

Warranty on all antenna installations for one year if the antenna fails, or if there is an issue with wiring or connectors.

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How You Can Save

Dish Network Customers Use Antennas

Dish Network customers can receive antenna channels through your Hopper and Joeys with an OTA adapter. You can save money on your satellite bill by not having to pay for local channels through satellite.

Get More. Pay Less.

Major Sporting Events and local broadcast

Get local and national news and weather as well as national sporting events that are aired on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox. This included events like the Super Bowl, Nascar, Award Shows, PGA Golf and much more!


If you have a metal roof no, the metal completely blocks the antenna signal. If you have an asphalt shingled roof keep in mind that the shingles can block up to 50% of your antenna signal, other roofing products can block more. The next issue is space, the pitch of your roof and construction of your trusses has a big effect on whether or not the attic is an option. In some situations if there is room for the antenna the trusses may not allow for movement to properly adjust the antenna. I prefer to mount the antenna outside for best results.

I do not. They do make antenna towers but they can be pretty pricey. I do not do antenna towers.

Yes, height is important for TV antennas. I use an antenna tripod (mounts on shingles, cannot be used on metal roofs) or a gable mount (mounts to the facia, on the gable end of the roof).

Yes, you can connect all your TVs to your antenna, just keep in mind that the number of TVs can affect the size of antenna used, whether or not it needs to be amplified and the cost.

Yes, the advantage of having an outside antenna is to get equal signal on all TVs in your house.

No, you will receive your free local broadcast networks. That includes your local ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox networks and a lot more. You will not receive any “pay” channels but you will receive your favorite sporting events that are broadcast on the networks mentioned, as well as local and national news and weather. Each channel has multiple channels, (5.1, 5.2, 5.3 etc). There is more free antenna TV channels now than there ever has been.

The antenna signal is a digital signal, in severe weather situations with extremely hard rain it is possible to lose signal for a short time – this rarely happens. I have watched the weather on my antenna after I have lost satellite signal and it worked fine.

If you live in an apartment this would have to be set up through your building management. If you are in a house, townhouse or condo with an HOA, you will need to check their rules about antenna installations, and if you are renting a house, we will need written permission from the owner before we can install an antenna.

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