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Starlink Installations

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Starlink is the the latest satellite for those people who have no or poor internet choices. All Things Satellite does not sell the equipment or service. The only way to get equipment or service is We do, however, offer professional installation of Starlink systems for anyone who is not able, or just doesn’t want to install their system.

Custom Mounts

If a standard mount does not work for your situation, we can fabricate a mount specifically for your needs.

Starlink Mounts

Your Starlink system does not come with a mount to mount to your house, this is something you would need to order when you order your system.

Existing Brackets

We can mount your Starlink system to some existing brackets you are not using on your roof as long as there is proper line of sight for the satellite.

Flat Roof Installs

Securely install your Starlink system on a flat roof.

Original Equipment

Although they no longer ship, we install first generation Starlink equipment.

Modem Installs

Our installation service includes running the wire from the dish and connecting to the modem inside the house.

Professional Installation

Get the peace of mind you deserve with professionally installed satellite internet. Give us a call to learn more about our pricing or schedule a consultation to get your Starlink installed. 

Starlink Mounts

The Starlink system does not come with a bracket to mount to your house, it only comes with a stand to set on a table or the ground. You can order a mount when you order your equipment (some mounts have been hard to get), or we offer a modified Dish bracket that works well with the new dishes.

Keep in Mind

Things to know before ordering

The Starlink system comes with 75 feet of cable to connect the dish to the wireless modem. This is a proprietary cable that can not be extended. You can order a 150 foot cable when you order your system if you need a longer cable. The two cables cannot be connected together.

The new dishes that are being shipped out now does not have an Ethernet plug – they are strictly wireless. If you need to hardwire something, you will need to purchase an Ethernet adapter.

Starlink uses satellites that are orbiting at a much lower altitude than other satellite internet services. This gives you a much lower latency (time from your dish to the satellite and back to earth). This allows you to do video conferencing, VPN networks and online gaming that may not have been possible on the other satellite internet services.

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